FirstACTS makes bus behavior management easy

FirstACTS (Active Conduct Tracking System) is a powerful web-based communication tool to easily and efficiently manage and track student conduct on your school buses. Enhance your community's ongoing efforts to keep children safe each and every day with one seamless system.

Connect: FirstACTS connects school administration, drivers, and parents. Quickly communicate, manage and resolve student behavior concerns.

Customize: FirstACTS is flexible. Easily customize to your district's bus conduct management and communication needs.

Control: FirstACTS enhances control and reporting. Instantly create, access, search and update bus behavior incidents and other reportable measures.

First Student, the leader in student transportation, developed FirstACTS to help identify, review, respond to, and resolve incidents of student misconduct.

Improved Management of Workflow
  • Online tracking and reporting reduces paper documents
  • Preloaded student and driver information streamlines report entry
  • Organized workflow expedites resolution times
  • Streamlined process flow eliminates repetitive tasks
Timely Delivery of Solutions
  • Immediate access supports timely incident resolution.
  • Comprehensive reports help identify trends and patterns
  • Tracked data drives effective bus management strategies
Enhanced Communication
  • Customized access levels ensure data privacy
  • Customizable emails and reminders ease the communication process
  • Electronic tracking reduces administrative work

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